• Graduate Student Research Assistant, Fall 2012-Winter 2017
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Software Engineer Internship, Summer 2014, Seattle
    Working in a Web team, I developed a data center capacity prediction system.
  • Software Engineer, December 2009-May 2011
    Webcash, Seoul
    For more than a year, I worked for an Internet-banking project with J.P. Morgan Hongkong. After, I worked on several financial iPhone applications.
  • Research Assistant, June 2007-Jan 2008
    System Electronics Lab, Seoul National University, Seoul
    I developed a vehicle entertainment system (in C programming language) that runs on embedded-processors (ARM).


  • Guest Lecturer, Fall 2018
    Advanced Database Management Systems (EECS 584)
    University of Michigan
    Led the sections for streaming database systems

  • Guest Lecturer, Winter 2018
    Database Management Systems (EECS 484)
    University of Michigan
    On approximate database system

  • Graduate Student Instructor, Winter 2012
    EECS 485 Web Databases and Information Systems
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Designed programming assignments and led weekly discussion sections