Assistant Professor, Illinois CS

Co-founder and CTO, Keebo (in stealth)

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Research   I'm interested in big data systems. Specifically, I build and research self-optimizing data systems that can easily and efficiently scale in modern computing environments.

At UIUC, I am part of DAIS, which comprises of exceptional faculty in the exciting data area.

At Keebo, I lead the technology to bring cutting-edge technology to the world.

News!   I am organizing 2021 Summer Research for my group. Please see this post.

News!   Next year, I will be co-chairing SIGMOD 2022's Student Research Competition (SRC). For reference: SRC@SIGMOD'21


    I am building new generations of data systems for modern computing environments.

    1. Airphant: We are building a cloud-oriented search engine to demonstrate the possibility of sub-second searching directly on top of remote storage (e.g., AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage). Also, we investigate how to automatically extract high-level semantic information from massive amount of machine-generated data. To achieve this goal, we re-visit traditional algorithms and propose new approaches, such as novel statistical indexing structures, and data minging algorithms for automatic schema extraction and data summarization.
    2. Hummingbird: This new initiative aims to build an end-to-end data stack for lightening-fast data visualization. Based on the lessions we learned from the VerdictDB project, we develop (1) a highly parallel and massively scalable visualization techniques (for Web), (2) light-weight vectorized OLAP engines, etc.

    See past projects →


    Spring 2021. CS 511 - Advanced Data Management     [Course Information]

    Fall 2021. CS 411 - Database Systems


    I’m building a web site for my research group.

    1. Supawit Chockchowwat (PhD student)
    2. Hanjun Goo (PhD student @SNU, in collaboration with Kyuseok Shim)
    3. Chaitanya Sood (Undergraduate student)
    4. Venkatesh Dharmala (Undergraduate student)
    5. James Wei (Undergraduate student)

    Prospective PhD Students: Every year, I plan to support one or two new PhD students. If you are interested in working with me, please indicate in your application or send me an email (to my Illinois address).   [Information about Illinois’ PhD admission process]

    UIUC Undergrads: Every semester, I plan to advise a few students (and more during summer). If you are interested, please send me an email. Also, please see this post for 2021 Summer Research

    Prospective Master’s Students: In general, I prioritize supporting PhD students. However, I may support a few exceptional master’s students.